With inflation on the rise, we know that too many workers are stressed about healthcare costs. According to a recent Gallup survey, four in 10 Americans have had to cut spending in other ways to cover rising healthcare costs.

Fortunately, the new Tentative Agreement has provisions to protect you from out-of-control cost increases.

Worker healthcare contributions are limited to 15% of the carrier’s monthly payment rate. That is well below the national average. The average for family coverage is 28%. For single coverage, the contribution is 17%.

The same holds true in terms of actual dollars. In dollars, the current employee monthly contribution of $228.89 is well below the actual 2021 average employee monthly contribution of $497.42 for family coverage.

Moving forward, this TA will protect you against large cost increases by capping the employee’s monthly contribution to no more than $398.97.

And the TA also keeps costs down with deductibles that are a fraction of the national average. The in-network annual deductible of $350 for individuals and $700 for families is far below the health plan national average deductible of $1,669 for single and $4,705 for family plans.

For all the reasons above, your Negotiating Committee unanimously recommends a “yes” vote to ratify our new, improved Tentative Agreement, which includes unprecedented wage increases, healthcare improvements, and a path forward to fix overtime once and for all.

To learn more, take a look at the National Agreement Ratification Packet. We look forward to you making your voices heard during online ratification voting from Monday, October 31 to Friday, November 4.

Let’s decide our future together, and not leave the security of our families to politicians in Washington, DC who could impose a contract on us.