Membership Benefits


Your Contract: As a member of District Lodge 19, your terms of employment, including how much money your job is worth, will never be at the mercy of your employer. When your contract comes up for negotiation, union members get the right to vote to approve or reject your legal binding contract that regulates your employment, including those things that matter most – wages, vacations, holidays with pay, life insurance, medical benefits, pension rights, sick leave, severance pay, maternity and paternity leave, transfer and promotion rights, moving allowances, and savings plans to name a few of the benefits that contribute to the livelihood of you and your family.  

Higher Wages: It’s a proven fact, Union member jobs pay significantly more than non-union jobs. Union wages are generally 15 percent higher than non-union wages. High caliber performers are those that are generally happy because they are paid the best based on their skills, talents and experience. We never discount our members; they deserve the highest wages.  

Better Benefits: The IAM is dedicated to negotiate on the behalf of it’s members a benefit package that represents current and future needs of members and their families. As a result of our efforts, we go to the mat to ensure you have adequate and affordable medical insurance coverage for you and your family; your job is secure and you get compensated when you have to take off for a personal reason or care for a sick family member. Our negotiating power is dedicated to the protection of retirement pensions for our members so they have adequate resources to enjoy the latter years of their life. If you are injured on the job, we know injuries bring challenges to the financial condition of a household. The negotiated benefits we are proud to present are designed to help members during any challenging and difficult times. Union representation ensures you have the best benefits package available and no short cuts are made by your employers to offer you less.  

Health and Safety: District Lodge 19 is here not only to make your working conditions exceptional, but also safe. According to a study in 1996, 79 percent of workplaces governed by unions reported high compliance with health and safety regulations compared to only 54 percent of non-unionized workplaces. We negotiate with employers a safe workplace that is hazardous-free for all workers and proactively collaborate with employers so they remain compliant with local, state and federal laws. Quality of life extends in the workplace and we will challenge any employer regarding unsafe working conditions. Your family needs you; we need you. We want you around a long time!  

Grievances with Employers: Being a union member, workers have a clear set of procedures that are outlined in your contract. If you believe you are not being treated fairly, let us know about it. Our Union is here to create the best contract available to protect the rights of our membership.  

Other Union Services: There are many other perks for members of District Lodge 19. In addition to training and educational opportunities, union members are provided with other support services and discounts to help you save money – all offered through your union membership. The William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center This center is the IAM’s most visible sign of our commitment to provide a world class educational facility to train future IAM leaders on unionism, and how to be a leader or officer.  

Labor 411: Get access to more than 3,000 listings of union-made goods and services such as union hotels, consumer products, entertainment venues, airlines, rental cars and more!

Union Plus Benefits: Union members and their families are offered a wide range of benefits and services that are guaranteed to save you money. Some major benefits include AT&T wireless discount, Union Plus smartphone rebate program, mortgage and real estate services, car rentals, florist discounts, auto insurance, Union Plus credit card, theme park discounts; college test prep discount; and legal services.