There was a miscommunication regarding the paperwork sent to furloughed members from CSX. It appears that the Carrier is updating their information in order to pay out EPA to our furloughed members. The paperwork sent to our members is not to start EPA. Of course, the reason for you being adversely effected was the closure of the Russell Locomotive Shop and your furlough date starts June 4, 2019. Please fill out and return the forms to the address supplied on the form. I apologize for the misunderstanding as to the entailing of the forms  With that said, I need the below listed members to contact me to update their information. The email addresses listed went undeliverable when Jason Gibbs tried to contact the members regarding the paperwork. Also attached is a copy of those forms if  any furloughed member hasn’t received them.

Link: EPA questionnaire from CSX

Charles Felts:

Adam Keeney:

Darrin Roar:

James Rose:

Jeff Wallenfelsz:


In Solidarity, 

Wayne Ringkamp