Furlough question and answers.

Furlough paperwork:

This paperwork comes from the carrier NOT THE UNION. If you have been furloughed and do not have a copy of the paperwork you have to get it from the carrier.

Here is a link for the local Railroad retirement office where you will take that paperwork to start receiving your benefits: https://theiamlocal104.com/index.php/railroad-retirement-board/

Union Dues:

Members who are eligible to receive EPA benefits, their dues will be taken out of those benefits at a reduced rate.

Members, who are not eligible for EPA and will be receiving Railroad Unemployment Benefits, DO NOT PAY DUES.

Other craft rights:

If a member holds rights in another craft they should exercise those rights ASAP.

Job Bids:

Just because you have been furloughed does not mean you can’t bid on posted or open jobs. You can bid on those jobs. However, there is nothing stated in any current agreement that  you can or cannot bid. Please check our agreement for what rights you have while on furlough: CSX Agreement 2012

Sick Leave:

Members who are out on sick leave you will remain on sick leave until you are released from your doctor to return to work. At that point you may be furloughed depending on your spot on the roster.


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