Brothers And Sisters,


Please find attached a link and a PDF of the IAM District Lodge 19 Bargaining survey for the next section six notice. The results of this Nat’l Carriers’ Conf Barg Surveywill be used to formulate our bargaining demands and the section 6 notice. Remember, this is more important now than ever. There will be hard copies posted at the shops to be filled out longhand when necessary to be mailed to this address: Please mail hard copies to Cheryl Lane at 221 Cheryl Lane Clinton TN, 37716.


If there are any questions, please contact one of us asap.


Andrew W. Sandberg                                                 Jason Gibbs

Asst. to the President/                                                General Chairman

Directing General Chairman                                       I.A.M.A.W District Lodge 19

I.A.M.A.W District Lodge 19                                   615-485-8646




In Solidarity,


Wayne Ringkamp

Local Chairman

I.A.M.A.W  Local Lodge 104

Ph. 304-412-2756