Brother Wayne,


At this time I cannot give you specifics concerning the meeting we had with CSX, especially the part from CEO Michael Ward and Cindy Sanborn.  The information they shared with us is not for release yet.  However, that information will be coming out soon.  However, what Ward and Sanborn did say is they are going to operate CSX with less employees all level of managers and all contract employees.  Although no furloughs are in the near future, furloughs may be necessary.  They will do all they can to reduce the number of employees through attrition.  That means any Machinist lost by, retirement, disability or discipline will not be replaced.  It will become harder for me to get a Machinist who has been discharged back to work without going to arbitration.


As far as Cindy Sanborn visiting Huntington, they told us it was a visit only and that she wanted to see for herself how the quality of work is coming out of Huntington.  She is visiting all large locomotive shops.  She is making a tour of the Mechanical Department, Car and Locomotive.  But believe me, on her visit she is going to be looking for ways to save money and will take notice of people standing around not working. 


We discussed the OTCS and I will be meeting with Labor Relations on Thursday of this week over that.  Also, a new IDPAP will be implemented on July 1.  I do not have a final copy yet.  I sent a draft to the Local Chairman, but cautioned them that it was a draft.  The new IDPAP will be training based with less discipline.  I will give more information as I get it.


For now that is all I have to share.  However, Huntington was discussed and we are in the process of trying to set up a date for discussions of rebuilding locomotives beyond Oct 2017 the end of the Huntington Agreement.


Hope this helps.  Pleas share with our members.


In Solidarity,


Mike Perry



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Hello Mike,

                          I know you can’t give specifics as to the current talks with CSX. Myself and other brothers were just wondering how things are progressing. Cindy Sanborn was here at our shop yesterday (5-12-16).


Thank You,

Wayne Ringkamp