Well, here is what Mike Perry and John Lacy were able to get done. We will be voting on the revised agreement on Tuesday,  Jan. 24,2017 from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm.


Wayne, Dale

I have sent John Lacey a copy of a couple of changes to the Tentative Agreement.  The changes are that they increased the number of rebuilds to 176 and made provisions to establish a Union / Management Training council.   Hopefully this will help with the training issues.


I talked hard and told them how important is was to us and  made several  different proposals for the work scope rule.  They were steadfast that they was not going to change it. Having the flexibility in the work scope rules was essential to making the rebuild program successful.  If we are not agreeable to the work scope rule; it is a deal breaker for them.  The Carrier has told me if we can’t reach an agreement they will begin sending the first 60 locomotives out for rebuild immediately.    


The Carrier wants an answer by January 24, 2016.  So we need to schedule a vote for January 24, 2016 and let the membership know we are going to vote again and time and place of vote.


As soon as John Lacey approves the changes I will email you a copy of it to share with the membership.


If you have any questions please call.  Just to let you know I am in Organizing training at the IAM training center this week.  So I am in class all day.  Cell phone coverage here is very bad.  If you don’t reach me leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  


In Solidarity,


Mike Perry       

One thought on “New Vote for Agreement 1-24-17”

  1. This agreement will affect not just the Huntington shop. It will affect every shop CSX has. It will affect other class 1 RR’s. I understand it’s a tough spot to be in. After they got their foot in the door last time. Then pried it open some more at Cincinnati & Chicago. Now they are trying to rip the door off it’s hinges. You gave them exactly what they wanted. Safety, Quality, Production and Cost savings. It’s still not enough. They are never satisfied. They set the goals. You met them. Now their saying they need more flexibility in the work scope rules to make the rebuild program successful Yet they set the goals. They are trying to hire 59 people in Nashville. Only Electricians and Machinists. No other crafts. Your current contract has emboldened them. It led to the fiasco last year. Now they are back again asking for more. Here is a question. They don’t follow the current agreement in good faith. What makes you think if you sign a worse agreement that they will follow that agreement in good faith?? They won’t.

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