I personally believe we should question this amendment in every aspect due to the fact that the National Contract is a voted on piece of legislation and raises concerns that only one person can/ did allow changes to be made to the contract. 


From: Mike Perry <mike.perry@districtlodge19.com>
Date: May 31, 2016 at 9:13:30 AM EDT
To: <Mike.Perry@districtlodge19.com>
Subject: OTCS



On Wednesday June 1st the OTCS Overtime Board will be reset. The following changes have been made to the system:


1.     Names are listed in Seniority Order and will remain that way.

2.     The Overtime caller must mark something by the name of the Machinist who is being called before they can move to the next one in line.

3.     Machinist will be rotated in all instances, even if they are working the shift they are calling for.

4.     Machinist still have the option of working 4 hours.  All should be called even if they are on HOS.

5.     Machinist will be called even if they are on double time.  The identifying of Machinist on double time has been removed.  The caller will not know if a Machinist is out for double time.  You are not required to or should tell any manager or caller if you out for double time. The board will not stop at someone who is on double time.

6.     Machinist who opted in will have their names placed in seniority order.


The Agreement does not require the Carrier to call in absolute order.  The Agreement states that calls will be made preferably in turn.  The Agreement does not require that Machinist be held at the top of the board for any reason.  The Agreement states that overtime will be distributed as equally as reasonable.  If a Machinist believes that he is not getting his fair share of overtime he should supply the Local Chairman with supporting evidence of why and the Local Chairman can file a claim on his behalf. 


If you have any questions please contact me.


In Solidarity,


Mike Perry



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