Good Morning,

I hope everyone is doing as well as possible in these trying times.  I wanted to update everyone on some furloughs that happened in District 19 in the past couple of days.  CSX furloughed 2 members at the Hamlet, NC facility on Monday.  These furloughs will take place on December 20, 2020.  NS informed many locations there were going to be furloughs effective December 29, 2020.  The machinist effected in the locations are; Enola, Pennsylvania 9, Kansas City, Missouri 4, Macon, Georgia 1, Norfolk, VA 1, Portsmouth, OH 1, Roanoke, Virginia 6, Birmingham, AL 1, Bluefield, WV 1, Chattanooga, TN 14, Chicago, IL 2, Decatur, IL 15.  These continue to be tough times across our country and on the railroads.  The link below is an article that was sent to me.  You may have already seen it or read it but I think it speaks volumes. 

In the times that we are in, brothers and sisters take care and stay safe.